The Visual FoxPro community has created many resources over the years. They include support forums, publications and more. Here are the ones we consider most valuable.

Support forums (and more)

Name Description
Foxite A web forum with many developers from outside North America.
Level Extreme Formerly called Universal Thread, one of the oldest web forums for VFP.
ProFox A long-standing listserve for VFP developers.
Stack Overflow Wide-ranging support forums for developers. Search for tags "foxpro" and "visual-foxpro" for VFP questions
Tek-Tips Web forums for FoxPro 2.x and VFP.
VFPX Open source add-ons and tools provided by the VFP community.


Name Description
Forward Thinking Software Seller of Tamar's most recent books.
Hentzenwerke Publishing Publisher of Visual FoxPro books, including most of Tamar's books.


Name Description
Hacker's Guide Open source version of the Hacker's Guide to VFP 7
MSDN Visual FoxPro site Microsoft's official VFP site, includes links to updates and hotfixes, as well as documentation and samples.
Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Help File The Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Help file corrected, supported, and enhanced.
Visual FoxPro Wiki A knowledge base about VFP and software development.